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All About Cornwall Food Tours

Merging Two Passions: Food and Travel

As a lifelong 'Foodie" and travel agent since 2015, I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to travel and try delicious food all over the world. Every time my husband and I would travel to a new destination or participate in a food tour in a new city, we would come back home, thinking "We have so many amazing restaurants in Cornwall, we need a Food Tour here!!" 

Nestled along the beautiful St. Lawrence River, Cornwall is a city rich in history, lots of fun outdoor activities, and a buzzing food scene. Supporting our community is one of the pillars of our business. Not only are we supporting our local restaurants by hosting tours around Cornwall, in addition a portion of the proceeds from every ticket will go towards supporting Baldwin House, our local women's shelter.

Our mission is to show off our beautiful city, while helping our guests gain an appreciation and deeper understanding of our history, our community and of course - our delicious food scene!

If you’d like to discover a new and exciting side of Cornwall, please get in touch I'd love to share the BEST bites in Cornwall with you!

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